What’s Poppin? I Got Options

You know what burns a fiery hellfire in my asscrack? Men who look like meatloaf with options making ignorant observations on beautiful women. I don’t think actual good looking men have this issue. Have you ever heard or seen Idris Elba, Shamar Moore, or Micheal Ealy speaking ill about a woman’s appearance? I haven’t! If you have please feel free to correct me. Take the above picture for example. We as women have allowed men to walk around looking very average, basic face, bad skin, crooked teeth, overweight, short, without necks, weak chins, beer bellies, B cup breasts, and womanly hips. We don’t encourage men to get braces, workout, facelifts, nose jobs, wear shoe lifts, makeup, or fake abs. Men think because they get a haircut and wear sweatpants that beautiful women should swoon. You know what’s fucked up? We do! But why? Why the hypocrisy? Women like to lie and say that we don’t wear makeup for them we wear it for ourselves. They lie. Men say they like their women to look natural. They lie.
Here’s my first example. Beyonce. Beyonce is an arguably beautiful woman with or without a hair weave, with or without makeup. Her husband Jay Z looks noticeably like a mix between a camel and your aunt Louise. His face sags, there’s nothing symmetrical about his face. He’s never had a six-pack, and he’s bowlegged with ashy kneecaps. Is he attractive because he’s nearly a billionaire? Perhaps. Is he attractive because he is highly intelligent? Perhaps. But here’s the ultimate question. Would he have married Beyonce if she looked as unappealing as he does? I highly doubt that. Please tell me I’m lying. Please!
Am I angry at men for my views on the inequality of female beauty standards compared to male standards? Yes partially. But I’m also mad at us women for lacking self-esteem on a societal level to expect more from men and ourselves. How many women have gone under the knife or needle to look different from how they were born? How many men have done the same? But does a man have the right to tell a woman not to wear makeup or go under the knife? I would refutably argue that they do not. I think men need to step their game up and work on looking more appealing to us and if they don’t hold their nasty comments to themselves and be thankful that we as women give you the grace that we do.
Let’s look at the picture above for a moment. Would a bath and a shave really make Rick Ross look like Idris Elba? No, but for some reason we allow these men to believe it does. Have women catfished the world? Yes, they have. I think men getting lace wigs is a great start to equality. I think as corny as hilarious it is that Funk Flex got plastic surgery on his abs is, that it’s good for female empowerment. Would I date a man who wears a lace wig? Would I date a man who had plastic surgery on his abs? Probably not. I know, don’t be the pot calling the kettle calling the pot… But back to my rant. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. A lot of these ashy, unshapen men live in glass houses, and we women need to stand up and break those walls.
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